Mind's Eye is the alter ego of Jackson Begley, a fearless, multi-talented young artist that strives to have his presence felt. With Mind's Eye, Jackson mixes a potent alchemy of hunting melodies with a dark potion of heart pounding grooves that leads Jackson and his followers to a new dimension of yearning and hunger.  For the past few years, Jackson has been honing his extraordinary craft at events like the Big Music Festival, Indie Week, Canadian Music Week and small clubs around southern Ontario. 

 Jackson would love to bring a more intense, melodic, performance based sound to the young listener, much like the latest sounds being created by like minded artists such as Royal Blood, Arctic Monkey's, Queens of the Stone Age, DFA and Florence and the Machine. 

 Mind's Eye offers a tremendous marketing venture for the right company that shares Jackson's vision of a new daring sound and image. Jackson like the above mentioned artists believes his music could be very successful, commercially, while still being true to himself as a fearless, unique artist.